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10/25/2016: Pennsylvania PUC Shows its Bias in Smart Meter Case (read article below)

Health Effects
(in order of frequency)

·       Sleep problems

·       Stress/anxiety/irritability

·       Headaches

·       Ringing in the ears

·       Concentration/memory/learning

·       Fatigue/muscle or physical weakness

·       Disorientation/dizziness/balance

·       Eye problems including pain and pressure in eyes

·       Cardiac symptoms

·       Leg cramps

·       Arthritis/body pains

·       Nausea/flu like symptoms

·       Sinus problems/Nose bleeds

·       Respiratory problems, cough, asthma

·       Skin rashes

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Propensity to Cause Fires:

·       In 2012 PECO  discontinue and replace smart meters had to tempoaraily due to the fires.  When they restarted the program they continued to use the company who had produced the faulty meters for aspects of the job. Wires flimsy. Smaller gage, thicker wire

·       According to a whistleblower, all smart meters contain flaws that create a propensity to cause fires and other damage to properties:

·       More fire videos:

Privacy invasion:

·       Your usage data is posted on the internet

·       The meters will gather and report usage data from your appliances nearly continuously













October 25, 2016

Pennsylvania PUC Shows its Bias in Smart Meter Case

by Louse Francis

The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission recently decided a smart meter case in favor of the country’s largest public utility, PECO, an Exelon company. Note that Exelon is the largest utility in the Fortune 100 (see ). The case was based on a complaint against PECO by Susan Kreider, a Philadelphia resident reporting that she was injured by a PECO smart meter installed without her permission.

Among the symptoms Ms. Kreider suffered after PECO installed a smart meter in 2013 were irritability, high blood pressure, migraine headaches, visual floaters, heart palpitations, sleeplessness and constipation. These are among the few of the many symptoms that can be experienced by people suffering from the EMF effects of smart meters. See for a list of smart meter exposure symptoms.

In 2014 Ms. Kreider hired a lawyer who drafted and sent a letter to Exelon demanding that they replace the offending meter. The PECO legal department dismissed her complaint out of hand, stating that they had nothing to offer except AMI meters. The evidence suggests they routinely do not address customers’ health issue - claiming the meters are required by law (so in their view no customer relief is necessary no matter what the circumstances).

After considering her options, including awareness that her letter had been a letter of “self – help” alerting PECO of her intention to help herself, Ms. Kreider bought and hired an electrician to install her own meter, a reconditioned Sangamo analog meter from a very experienced company, Hialeah Meter, est. 1954, that provides quality products. (Note: It appears that analog meters are no longer manufactured.)

 As PECO does not send out meter readers, Ms. Kreider self-reported her meter readings.  After several months PECO decided a customer cannot be allowed to replace their smart meter with an analog meter and a shut-off notice was issued. 

Many of the smart meter resisters who have not allowed PECO to install a smart meter on their property have received these notices, and the ostensible reason for the notice is not allowing access to PECO’s meter (which according to the rules around meters is that the meters PECO deploys are not the customer’s property, but theirs, even though the customer pays for it). In addition, PECO began making more serious claims such as those of tampering and theft. Ms. Kreider’s State Senator, Shirley Kitchen, convinced PECO to abandon some of their more extreme allegations.

Once the shut-off notice was received, one of the very few actions that can stop the process of a shut-off is filing a formal complaint (note that an informal complaint will not work) with the Pa PUC. Not having the resources to hire a lawyer, Ms. Kreider represented herself Pro Se.

 The complaints made against PECO included:

  (1)      that the Respondent was threatening to terminate her service or has already terminated her service;

  (2)      that the Respondent would not respect her Notice of Self-Help or offer any alternative, including whether PECO has provided or is providing unreasonable service given Complainant’s allegations of “deleterious health symptoms” caused by the Smart Meter;

  (3)      that there are incorrect charges on her bill; and

  (4)      that the Respondent did not seem to be accepting her monthly reading.  

PECO has full time lawyers to assign to smart meter cases and used a number of manoeuvers:    A week before Ms. Kreider’s scheduled in-person hearing in Philadelphia they requested a short delay, due to the alleged illness of their lawyer.  The day before the rescheduled hearing, they rushed a motion for Interlocutory Review to the PUC judge requesting the full Commission decide whether Ms. Kreider could be allowed to have her hearing.  The motion was granted. Later the PUC decided that the in-person hearing could proceed.

However, just before the now many times rescheduled hearing, Exelon/PECO sent a last minute motion to Ms. Kreider and the PUC judges requesting that they be allowed to be represented by their corporate lawyer from Washington DC who is not licensed in Pennsylvania.

Once the hearing took place their panel of experts behaved in a highly partisan and biased manner. They provided only one side of the issue, a side that has been persuasively contested by many scientists and smart meter activists. While it is not surprising that PECO’s experts were biased, what was surprising was that the PUC appeared to rely entirely on their testimony while dismissing the evidence of the experts cited by Ms. Kreider.

Ms. Kreider is a Registered Nurse in Pennsylvania who has thoroughly researched the issue of EMF exposure. She lacks financial resources to pay expert witnesses to appear in person, however, she supplied abundant documentation on the health effects of EMF including references to testimony by experts who did not appear in person.

Another part of Ms. Kreider’s complaint had to do with refusal of PEECO to use the customer supplied readings from her analog meter.   Based on her readings, they were routinely overcharging compared to her readings.

PECO refers to the replacement analog meter as a “rogue meter.”  Their engineer alleged that the meter is dangerous and inaccurate. Among the arguments the expert used was a very old FCC standard based on thermal effects, not those which cause illnesses such as cancer.

However, the evidence indicates it is Smart Meter that is dangerous and inaccurate, as corroborated by industry engineer whistleblower at The meters contain serious safety flaws resulting from cost cutting decisions and have a propensity to cause fires.

The PUC decision in Ms.Kreider’s case inaccurately claims the intent of the smart meter enabling legislation, known as Act 129, was to impose smart meters on all utility customers without exception, with no opt-outs. Investigation by PASMA, a Pennsylvania anti-smart meter organization, uncovered transcripts of debates in the Pa legislature and the debate record indicates that their claims are false. See for documentation of this.

      In addition to the use of clearly partisan experts, another troubling development was the interference in the judicial decision process by a Pennsylvania State Representative with ties to PECO.

Ms. Kreider and other anti-smart meter activists believe that the PUC was unduly influenced by the extraordinary interference of State Representative Godshall. The Commission’s 2015 decision allowing Ms. Kreider’s complaint to proceed to a hearing favored the Complainant.  Then, presumably at PECO’s behest, Representative Bob Godshall improperly intervened when he contacted Commissioner Gladys M. Brown in correspondence dated October 7, 2015, failing to copy the Ms Kreider who, incidentally, is not a Godshall constituent. Rep. Godshall’s son is on the PECO payroll and was previously in charge of the Pennsylvania Smart Meter installation program.

It appears that Rep. Godshall’s letter contained egregious misrepresentations regarding Ms Kreider’s analog meter, including the statement that it endangered the grid. Evidence shows that it is the Sensus Smart Meters deployed by PECO that endanger the grid as well as personal property and safety. In fact, PECO had to remove 186,000 meters deployed in 2012 due to their propensity to cause fires.


      As Chair of the Consumer Affairs Committee, Rep. Godshall has intervened in multiple House & Senate Bills calling for smart meter Opt-Outs since 2012. Complainant argues that Rep. Godshall’s behavior as a public official warrants investigation for a violation of ethics.


In summary, it appears the PA PUC acceded to external corporate pressure in deciding a claim regarding significant health effects of utility installed technology in favor of the largest utility in the US and against a complainant who not only supported her case with compelling evidence, but who currently already suffers a significant disability. It would appear that the PA PUC is a captive agency of PECO and does not represent consumers’ interests as their mandate requires.


To see the Philadelphia Inquirer’s coverage of this story go to:

In the article Ms. Kreider indicates she will go off the grid if she needs to rather than compromise her health.