June 27, 2017

Hi  everyone – As we near Fourth of July weekend 2017 I’m asking you to contact Mayor Kenney and City Council to ask for freedom from Roundup and other toxic herbicides used in Philadelphia’s schools and parks. The science has been clear for decades - that Roundup is toxic to people and the planet.  Why are we allowing the spraying to continue?

The good news is that the city is experimenting with using undiluted 5% household vinegar instead of commercial herbicides in one district, which was in response to a successful experiment we conducted last year at Boelsen Cottage in Fairmount Park.  The bad news is that you will never know where Roundup has been used in all the other parks, so that people, pets, and wild life remain at risk.

To learn more about toxic herbicides, go to Health Alert Philly’s page on Toxic Free Parks: and read Dr. Mercola’s latest article

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Photos above taken Sept 18, 2016.

Subject: RE: Dead Vegetation All Along Kelly Drive, Please Stop the Spraying

Dear Mayor & City Council – It has been almost 2 months since I wrote to you about Kelly Drive, Martin Luther King Drive, and many other parts of Fairmount Park that were sprayed with a toxic herbicide. As you can see from the photos below (taken two months apart), the result continues to be an unsightly and unhealthy situation for people, pets, and nature in general. These dangerous chemicals get tracked inside homes where children and pets play on the floor. Also, people may nibble on a wild berry or eat a dandelion, not realizing that it’s been sprayed with toxic chemicals.

So, I am once again encouraging the city to ban any future use of toxic herbicides as a way to control plant growth in the city of Philadelphia.

As I recommended in my first email, it is best to use a machine or manually trim along a tree line. Many important plants, bushes, and trees thrive along the tree line and supply food for birds, bees, and other wild life, therefore any type of herbicide is not appropriate. However, to keep plant growth away from buildings, streets, and sidewalks, it is best to use 5% vinegar (food grade and undiluted). Vinegar works as well, or better, than Roundup and without its harmful consequences. For information on toxic herbicides and safe substitutes, please visit

I should also add that it appears that the state has been spraying all along the Schuylkill Expressway with similar unsightly and unhealthy results. Thank you for your attention and please let me know what I can do to assist in this matter.

Lynn Landes, Founder

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Subject: Today: Dead Vegetation All Along Kelly Drive, Please Stop the Spraying

Dear Mayor & City Council – Please put a stop to herbicide spraying in Fairmount Park and throughout the city. In a week that should showcase how beautiful our city can be, the photo below of dead vegetation due to spraying is what visitors to Fairmount Park are seeing today - all along the east side of Kelly Drive and in spots on West River Drive. I don’t know who is responsible – the city or state – but whoever it is, they should be stopped from doing this ever again. I don’t know if the spray that was used was toxic Roundup or something safe, but most people will assume it is a toxic herbicide. Which is why the vegetation should be manually cut back and not sprayed with anything. In addition, as the founder of and The Wild Foodies of Philly (, an educational meetup group who studies the edible, medicinal, and other uses of wild plants, herbicide spraying puts at risk the health of people, pets, and nature. Thank you for your attention and my best to you and city council.

Lynn Landes, Founder
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