Lynn Landes & Louise Frances, Co-Founders,

We need to get people back to work and fast. The very real potential for civil unrest is growing. Businesses are boarding up in Center City Philadelphia. There is a mile-long line for food outside of Pittsburgh and fear of riots in Italy.  This is a manufactured crisis that needs to end, as well as a violation of our constitutional rights.  Below is HAP’s summary of the Coronavirus Debacle.

Why isolate the population from the inevitable?  Why not instead let everyone get exposed and develop immunity, except for the highly vulnerable? Why collapse an entire economy which will result in its own devastating health impacts? (more below)


The U.S. Constitution & the Bill of Rights does NOT say that we have rights, UNLESS there’s a pandemic: Our Founding Fathers had rampant diseases at the time and understood the consequences.  Keeping any part of this nation in lockdown over a virus, no worse than the flu, is medical tyranny. Red flags are being raised. 


A MESSAGE ABOUT THE CORONAVIRUS & GLOBAL SHUTDOWN - We just learned that Philadelphia has instituted a Stay At Home order -


We are deeply concerned, if not appalled, that our governments (local, state, and federal) are in the process of destroying peoples’ civil liberties and livelihoods, exploding the national debt, collapsing the economy, and launching this nation into something worse than the Great Depression - over a virus that is not as bad as the normal flu. The Coronavirus has been completely exaggerated by the CDC, something that they have a history of doing, particularly with the flu.  

 It is well known among health activists that our federal ‘health’ agencies, the EPA, NIH, FDA, and particularly the CDC and their vaccination program, are cesspools of corruption -  That said, we also don’t dismiss the possibility that in certain areas of the country and the world, toxic chemicals could have been released on the population, as some have suggested.  It is public knowledge that our government, and governments around the world, create viruses and toxic gasses that can be released into the public, by accident or design, that can lead to pandemics, illness, and death.  

Economically, if this shutdown doesn’t end soon, we will be propelled into something much worse than the 2008 Recession or even the Great Depression.  

During the 1930’s Great Depression many Americans still lived on farms and could feed themselves.  Today, we have massive cities and suburbs that are not prepared to grow food.  People will not have the money to buy food.  Children today go to school to get their only meal for the day. People will starve.

If we think that the government is going to come to our rescue, remember what happened after the Katrina Hurricane in 2005.  Federal, state, and local governments were MIA, as people were left to shift for themselves for weeks, if not months and years.  In fact, AFTER the storm, the federal government was keeping aid from reaching places like New Orleans - A lot of people don’t know that the military pilots who rescued people from the floods were acting against their commanders’ orders.  The Cajun Navy came to the rescue because our Coast Guard, police, and other official rescue boats were told to ‘stand down’ --  People all over the world watched in shock and horror.

Louise and my combined backgrounds as researchers on issues including health, politics, financial fraud, and electronic voting fraud, makes this disaster a nightmare come true, a nightmare that we and many others anticipated decades ago

What is going on today, the global control of the world’s population by a handful of government officials, and the suspension of democracy and civil liberties based on a so-called pandemic, has long been predicted by the likes of David Ickes, Alex Jones, and many others - who the media have mocked.  Naomi Klein’s famous book, The Shock Doctrine, documents how dark global forces can both engineer crisis and then take advantage of them. 

What we are experiencing now is the Shock Doctrine in full effect. We strongly suggest that you repeatedly express your views to the local news media as well as local, state, and federal political representatives until this debacle ends. You can get those contacts at the bottom of the webpage www.HealthAlertPhilly.orgYou can get more information on Coronavirus and vaccines at

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