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My name is Lynn Landes. I am a co-founder of  The federal government has told the public that vaccines are “safe and effective”.  Nothing could be further from the truth. 


Over $4.2 billion dollars of taxpayer money has been awarded to victims of vaccines by a special federal Vaccine Court. And that amount would be exponentially larger had vaccine makers not received blanket immunity from Congress in 1986.


Vaccines can and do cause pervasive and serious injuries, including immune system disorders, brain and nerve damage, infertility, and death.  That data is documented on U.S. government's websites, including the CDC's Vaccine Injury Table.


In order for a vaccine to be safe and effective, long term health studies must be conducted.  Yet, not one vaccine has been evaluated for its potential to cause cancer, damage DNA, or impair fertility.  Vaccine makers specifically admit this in their package inserts, inserts that are rarely given to patients.


Vaccines are a major cause of the measles and mumps “outbreaks” among young adults.  Children who naturally get infectious diseases, such as the measles, mumps, and chicken pox, gain for themselves permanent immunity - not so for vaccinated children.  They will become vulnerable to those same diseases as young adults, when the consequences can be much more serious.  


Since the 1800’s, vaccine makers conspired to make huge profits at the expense of the public's health. They claimed credit for the decrease in deaths from infectious diseases, when the real solution came from improved sanitation and living conditions.  By the 1930’s, the public realized that vaccines were causing problems, not solving them, and their use was sharply curtailed.  Today, with dozens of vaccines on the market, history is repeating itself, and we are suffering the devastating consequences. 


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Vaccine Harms  My name is Louise Francis. I am co-founder of We address hot-button health issues such as vaccines.

The evidence that vaccines contain numerous very toxic ingredients has compelling support: Many of these ingredients are listed in vaccine inserts and on the CDC web site. The list includes:



Dr. J Bart Classen, a research immunologist, published research indicating a link between the increased number of vaccines in the US population and a dramatic increase in numerous chronic conditions in children.  His research was published  in Molecular and Genetic Medicine in 2014. His research indicates that vaccinations have created a “state of immune overload in the majority, or close to the majority of young U.S. children and that this is being manifested by related health issues including epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and autism.”[1]

To further quote Dr Claussen: “The best data indicates that vaccine-induced chronic disease is now of a magnitude that dwarfs almost all prior poisoning of humans including poisoning from agents like asbestos, low dose radiation, lead and even cigarettes. Most patients don’t even realize that they are suffering from the adverse effects of vaccines. Even more concerning patients and or their parents are being harassed, accused of practicing poor dieting and exercise habits leading to development obesity and diabetes when in fact they suffer from vaccine induced obesity and diabetes,[2].

[1] A report about of Dr Classen’s research can be found at Sharyl Attkisson’s web site  The web site has a link to the paper

[2] The quotes (from a press release) can be found at:



My name is Natasha Jordan. I am an educator and independent researcher. I have a BA in interdisciplinary studies and have been teaching since 2011. I have 3 children my youngest is 6 months old. 


At the time of my birth, the vaccination schedule called for 12 vaccines. I got all of them on time with little to no life threatening side effects. 


When my sister was born in 1994 the vaccine schedule had changed and she was expected to get double the amount of vaccines. She got all of them on time. After her guardrail vaccines, she fainted almost daily. She often fainted while walking from class to class, once she even fainted and fell down the stairs. She developed tics and what seemed to be tourrettes. While it is uncertain the vaccine caused it; she had not suffered those symptoms prior to her vaccination against HPV. 


My eldest son is 5. He is expected to take double the amount of vaccines my sister took and my youngest is expected to take even more still.


When is it going to stop? What is the cap for how many a child should get? When are we, the public, going to get a long term study that compare vaccinated children to the unvaccinated, and the full vaccine schedule versus the old. Where are studies on fertility impact and cancer occurrence? 


I look at ingredient lists. Every food and drink I give to my children is hand picked by me and approved only after I have decided they are: free from carcinogens, nutritious, free from animal or human byproducts, and able to offer vitamins or minerals that contribute to the growth and overall health of my child. Vaccines DO NOT PASS THAT TEST. 


For health reasons, for religious and for philosophical reasons I cannot in good conscious inject toxic concontions into my most precious gifts: my children. 


We, the people of the United States deserve the right to decline or accept vaccines and other medicinal treatments if we desire. We should NOT be forced into it. Vaccination legislature affects employment, education opportunities and more. The decision should be left to the people not the State.