Americans' health is on a downward spiral.  The U.S. has one of the highest rates of infant mortality in the developed world. 1 in 5 children have learning and attention issues such as dyslexia and ADHD (which are also on the Autism Spectrum). The CDC reports 1 in 59 children has AUTISM however, others report that the most recent CDC data is 1 in 36, and still others put the autism rate at 1 in 29. By 2025, at today's rate of increase, 1/2 of all children will have autism, according to Dr. Seneff, a MIT researcher.  44% of those 75-84 have Alzheimer’s, 50 million Americans are living with an autoimmune disease, and over 100 million have diabetes or prediabetes (also linked to autoimmune disease).  We have one of the highest rates of vaccinations and disabilities in the world. Something has gone terribly wrong, and the most likely culprits are vaccines.