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 is an education and advocacy organization whose focus is on health issues. Our mission is to give public exposure to under-reported and hot-button health topics. As physical and mental disabilities among children and adults are increasing at an alarming and unprecedented rate, we investigate the links to toxic emissions, medications, and commercial products. We are a collaborative group that encourages self-organizing. Please join our meetup group and help spread the word  HAP's business card  that we're here to help.

It is going to be a long battle to win our right to good health. We need our members to do what they can with their own lifestyles, spread the word to others, and to get in the habit of communicating with our politicians and the news media on a range of health issues on a regular basis. Weekly or every other week is good, but anything is better than nothing. We can't do this without you! There is strength in both the truth and in numbers.

Lynn Landes, co-founder, / 215-629-3553 /
Louise Francis, co-founder
, / (215) 923-1567

CONTACT LISTS:  Political Representatives / Neighborhood Civic Associations / Media

Our Priority List:  (members may select their own priorities)


Public works:

index LEDs: Blinded By The Light / Unsightly & Unsafe

index SMARTMETERS: Not So Smart


index FLUORIDE & LEAD: Neuro-Toxins in Our Drinking Water



index VACCINES: A Man-Made Disaster of Historic Proportions

index HPV VACCINE:  Proposed Mandates Threaten Young Female Children 11-12

index The "ZIKA" Fraud (fyi: no specific spraying planned for Philadelphia as far as we know)


Consumer products:

SUNSCREENS: Burned Again


general health concerns:

  • Medicines: unsafe medical products & services
  • Radiation: wireless & other radiation technologies
  • Drinking water: drinking water contaminants
  • Chemicals: spraying and other chemicals  on public and private property
  • Mining: fracking & other unnecessary & destructive mining practices
  • Food: GMO’s, unsafe, and unhealthy foods & packaging
  • Parks & Playgrounds: toxic materials on parks and playgrounds
  • Consumer products: unhealthy and unsafe consumer products & services
  • Trains & Transportation:  toxic and unsafe chemical trains

Suggested "general" health news & activist websites: (We do not agree with all of these websites advice nor their product use.)  (Environmental Working Group) (Childrens Environmental Health Network)

For Vaccines News sources: